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Community Employment, or CES for short, works to employ individuals in the community in various industries in a variety of ways, such as manufacturing, catering, food service and prep, laundry and cleaning. 

So how does CES employ our individuals? We use a combination of direct hire and employment contracts to provide the best candidates to a company to hire. 

Direct Hiring: When our individuals are hired directly by the employer, they get job coach support to assist in training, paperwork, familiarizing with the company manual and any other initial onboarding tasks that they might need assistance with. That job coach then follows up on the progress of our individual every 3-4 weeks. The employer has the contact information for the job coach and can request their assistance whenever they need them. 

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Individual Contract:  Some of our employers prefer the ease and simplicity of individual contracts. With these contracts we simply look at the number of days worked, hours and individuals and we bill the employer for those services. No onboarding costs, and Deepwood Industries covers the Workman’s comp and liability insurance. The employer still gets the same support from a job coach as if they hired our individuals directly.

Group Employment: CES also has individuals that are very capable of working in the community but may need more supervision and support from a job coach. With group employment, employers get hard working individuals who want to work and a job coach that supervises them on site the entire time they are working. This provides support and peace of mind to the employer that someone who is an expert in working with individuals with disabilities is in-house and overseeing them. 

At CES, our job coaches are what makes the difference in hiring individuals with disabilities. They get extensive training, know our individuals, and can make suggestions and provide added training and supports to our individuals while on the job.

To learn more about CES, please contact Bob Fratino or Chris Trombley at 440-918-1050.

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